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Jim Engel - Journal

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Posted 2012-09-26T03:39:25Z

25 Sep 2012

Our insurance co must be getting tired of all the bills they have received for Jims care. They have denied his continued care at Fallbrook as of last Friday.[...]

Posted 2012-09-06T05:34:08Z

5 Sep 2012

Jim had a busy week with x-rays, ultrasound, and CT scan. He was cleared by the neurosurgeon to discontinue wearing the neck brace and had a good outcome from the ultrasound and CT scan. However the Orthopedic Surgeon feels Jim needs another 4 weeks in the cast which means he will stay at Fallbrook for a bit longer. We are disappointed that he won’t be coming home for a few more weeks but understand that this is necessary in order to allow more time for healing. The Dr did remove a small portion of the cast behind the knees on both legs to allow Jim a bit more movement so the Physical Therapists will be working him a little harder. The staff at Fallbrook has been really great. We couldn’t ask for a better place for Jim to rehabilitate.[...]