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Cindy Quigley Cindy Quigley

So glad to hear that he came through the surgery ok and once again the hard work continues! But as we all know Jim, he is very strong spiritually and physically so no doubt he will work through this next step of recovery. Can we all sign the cast!!!! Love to all, Cindy

Sandy Trowbridge Sandy Trowbridge

Jim, I have been following your posts since the beginning, and am happy to hear you are back to work. I have also been praying for your recovery. You have a great support group - your family, your church family, your friends at work, with lots and lots of prayers going up in your behalf since the beginning. God is good, and we know He answers prayer.

William Dunigan William Dunigan

Jimmy I have been following your progress since the accident and I am so amazed and delighted on your ability to have persavered through this tragedy! It is fantastc that you are back at work with your many friends and coharts. What an accomplishment! Reading your post, it is evident that your morale and spirit have picked up. I have used Balboa many times since retiring and I too am very happy and confident with the care they provide. Your on the right track! Take care brother! I hope we can get together soon. Bill

John Rizzo John Rizzo

Thank you for sharing you up's and downs, I can see you have many good Friends and you have a great family. As you start this new chapter in your live I know along with your old friends you will make new friends and they will learn that they have met a special person, and have made a special friend Thank You Jim

Debbie Shepard Debbie Shepard

Hi Jim, just read your post and this is bitter sweet because it has been hard and great to follow your ups and downs during your recovery. I am happy that you are doing so well with this last surgery ( from a Naval hospital, no less!) that you feel your family and friends don't have to worry and pray for you any longer. You have a wonderful family and I know they love you beyond words! Looks like you have a great network of friends that are genuinly concerned, I'm sure that is instrumental in your mental stability as well. God is good always!Take care.

Paul Schickler Paul Schickler

Jim, I am so happy that your progressing along so The water therapy video show’s me you will be up and around in no time. It's been a long road of recovery for you and your family. I am inspired by your hard work, faith and determination to get through these tough time's. A lesser man might of folded and gave in but you haven’t. Your truly blessed with an awesome set of family and friends out there in California. Keep it up old buddy and I hope to see you back east soon.

Scott Scott

I'm very happy to hear that you are progressing in your therapy after your hip replacement. You've gone through so much in such a short period of time. It's not the same without you being on the Island and we all miss you. Take care my friend and I hope to see you soon.

Cindy Quigley Cindy Quigley

Jim I was just looking through the photos that were posted during your recovery. I hope you post one last photo of the NEW and improved Jim with your bride and family. As you close this site, I think everyone would appreciate seeing how far you have progressed, the improvements you made physically and spiritually, and why everything you went through was because of the love of your family and some darn good doctors and therapists! Take care Jim!!!

Cindy Quigley Cindy Quigley

Yeah!!! So glad he gets one more week. I'm sure he'll make the best use of this time!

Mitchell Morris Mitchell Morris

Hi Jim, It is good to see you recovering a little bit more each day. Keep pushing yourself. I think about you each day and say a little prayer you get through this fast!!

leslie frelone leslie frelone

I often think of you both and I am so glad to hear that Jim is getting good care. Love Always, Leslie

Liz Ludwig Liz Ludwig

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Jim...God Bless- The Ludwig Family :)

Michael A. Matthews Michael A. Matthews

Happy Birthday "Jimbo" Another year older and another year wiser!!! God bless you man

Dwayne Martin Dwayne Martin

Happy Birthday Jimbo! Hope you have a good day with your family!