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Jim's Medical Journey

Times have been better. Jim has found himself in the hospital with a serious infection of his foot; including tissue and bone. He is receiving IV antibiotics, but unfortu[...] read more

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Posted 2018-09-23T21:39:00Z

Some additional hurdles...

Everything with dad's leg is going great! Its healing well, he is moving with physical therapy, transferring from bed to chair etc etc. So thats all good news, however the new hurdle is his kidney's. They are not cooperating. His BUN and Creatinine (two of the blood tests that are done on routine blood work that reflect kidney function) are pretty heavily elevated. In attempts to lower this, the nephrologist has started him on dialysis. He has been dialyzed 2 times now and his numbers are better, but still need improving, so dialysis until then! Hopefully this will not become a life long thing that he has to do, but we take each hurdle one at a time. 

Also, Jim and Palmer are moving to a more accessible no outdoor maintenance condo/attached home, but not to worry, its only 5 minutes from their current home! This move will not come without its challenges because when people live in the same place for 30 years, stuff accumulates. Mom and I are pairing down and getting ready for the move as we can. Friends from mom's work are coming to help with the garage and we greatly appreciate it. There will be many things 'free to a good home' as we get more into the packing and moving process. 

Thank you to everyone who has provided meals, help with yard work, a hug and kind words through this time. We love you and thank you endlessly. 



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