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Jessica Jester - Journal

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Posted 2018-04-24T23:01:20Z


A year later Jessica's stander/ glider has finally arrived .

The last words her orthopedic said to us before she aged out of Dupont was if I could only choose one thing to do with her each day that it should be standing. He could not stress enough how with out standing that her body will deteriorate causing many set backs and medical problem in the years ahead.[...]

Posted 2018-03-30T21:11:51Z


March is brain injury awareness month......

Jessica begins spring break tomorrow. It will just be her and I for the next 10 days. We do not have a whole lot planned. I do know we are going to the movies and she has her yearly MRI with sedation scheduled. Please pray for no changes so that we can hopefully go 5 years in between scans...[...]

Posted 2018-03-15T17:06:40Z


March is Brain Injury awareness month.....

I chose the picture just because it is throw back Thursday and I love that picture. Now don't be fooled by all that sweetness underneath that you would find a very sassy Relentless and determined girl. Thankfully she had those traits because they are what helped her come as far as she has in her TBI Journey.

I chose this quote because there's so much truth to it. They say having a brain injury that you will take one step forward and two steps back sometimes it felt more like 10 steps back. Even though at the time it was hard to see but those steps back always end up leading to more steps forward. Just when I think okay this may be all the healing Jessica is going to get something miraculous always happens and that is what helps her to keep getting back up and fighting this fight.

There's also a lot of truth to this quote for the caregiver. Being a caregiver especially to your own child will be both devastating and rewarding. I believe that no one can take care of a child better than one's own mother and would have it no other way but at times this becomes exhausting and we have meltdowns. These meltdowns are usually at the bottom of our showers in private and and alone so that we can spare the rest of the family from heartache. I have to tell you through the years every bottom of the shower meltdown has resulted in me getting back up and being stronger than ever.

I will once again give the advice I've given a few times in the last few months. It has taken me 12 years to realize it is okay to take breaks from the 24/7 caregiving. I wish I would have taken this advice sooner. I am hoping that if you are on this journey that you will take my advice and always make time for yourself your spouse, and your other children. The end result will be better for everyone.

I would also like to add that if you are connected to somebody who is is full-time caregiver offer to help out so that they can take a break. Never assume that they are content always being home and playing the caregiver role. I am here to tell you that we do want to go out but can only go if a trusted caregiver can be with our child or family member.. You will have to offer because we will never ask. I am sure if you are intimidated or nervous about taking care of somebody with a disability that the family would be more than happy to train and teach you.

Please help us to continue to spread awareness and make this world a better place for the disabled and their families.[...]

Posted 2018-02-17T03:37:51Z


They say when one person in the family becomes disabled that the entire family becomes disabled.

Some days separating TBI life from regular life is so challenging and exhausting. Trying to combine the 2 lives is even more difficult but as for me and my family we will never stop trying to make sense of our new normal.[...]

Posted 2018-01-26T11:31:54Z

Happy Birthday

22 years ago I finally got to meet the spunky little girl who would complete our family. I love how you always made the most out of each and every day, consequence did not matter as long as your were having fun in that moment.[...]

Posted 2018-01-10T01:22:07Z

And off we go

In less than 12 hours we will be on our way to the Grand Caymen......We are looking forward to a relaxing trip....You all know how nervous i get when we fly/travel with the power chair so I would once again like to ask you all to say a prayer for safe travels with zero complications or obstacles to and from our destination.[...]