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Posted 2018-03-30T21:11:51Z


March is brain injury awareness month......

Jessica begins spring break tomorrow. It will just be her and I for the next 10 days. We do not have a whole lot planned. I do know we are going to the movies and she has her yearly MRI with sedation scheduled. Please pray for no changes so that we can hopefully go 5 years in between scans...

After a long break from exercise we are going to try and start working again. Good news Jessica will be getting her new glider stander soon. Standing is so important for her bones. When I told her the good news she says that is not good news because I hate standing .That tells me that I will need to find incentives to make it more tolerable.

Joey and I just celebrated our 26th Anniversary. It was actually last Wednesday but we got snowed in. Looking forward to atleast 26 more....While we were out we met a couple who will be married 57 years.We wished them a happy anniversary and told them it is 26 for us the husband replied 26 is just the start. He is so right we still have so many years ahead and I plan on making them happy ones with each year being better than the last.......

I tell you all that because I am trying to raise awareness in all areas of TBI through a caregivers eye....Taking of Jessica would be more exhausting and time consuming than we could have imagined. We were warned early on in this journey to never forget to make time for one another and that we still needed to be husband and wife. Not knowing any better we were like we got this. Unfortunately we didn't always have it but thankfully so far when we have gone through a slump we have been able to get though it and learn from it and become even stronger. So if you are on a similar journey take my advice and never forget your spouse.... go on date nights, do cute little things for each other and always make time to talk, laugh and cry with one another . Joey and I have a goal of getting away atleast one or twice a year and in between we will have date nights even if we have to have them at home. It took us 12 years to get to this point. Hopefully though my sharing our storty you will get there sooner.

Now for those in a similar situation who have already realized this please pass advice on about how you handled going away with out to much guilt or worry.

Thanks for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.

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