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Posted 2018-04-02T16:20:13Z

Sorry a day late

March is brain injury awareness month......

Baby Adeline joined us for her first annual day before Easter egg dyeing get together. Next year she will join in on the fun and dye eggs with her mom and aunts.

I am trying to raise awareness for all areas of TBI. ......

Siblings can sometimes feel left out as their mom takes care of the sibling with the TBI. This care is constant and like I mentioned before exhausting......No matter how tired i always made the time to hang with Amanda and Katelynn. Most of the time it was the 4 of us which is great but a lot of times after Jessics went to bed the 3 of us would stay up just laughing and talking....

I feel so blessed that her sisters are not resentful but instead are helpful. They both started learning her care from day 1.

So if you are in my simular situation or you one day find yourself in my situation please do not forget about your other children. They need you more now than ever. Squeeze in any little bit of time you can, to give them that one-to-one attention that they deserve. Time together does not have to be about quantity if you focus on the quality of that time

Although brain injury awareness month is ending it never truly ends for us. I will continue to post awareness facts throughout the year.

Again we would like to thank you all for following us on this journey and for your continued prayers and words of encouragement.

We hope you will all have a blessed Easter filled with many memories.

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