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Posted 2018-04-17T00:21:06Z

Checking in

Jessica is my best friend and I love her so much that is why I will never stop raising awareness and will always walk along side of her helping her to fight this fight.....

The next 2 statements go along with the 2 quotes I shared.

Jessica's loves to talk and socialize but sadly she struggles with conversation and socialization. So many times I have watched her try and converse with someone only for them to either ignore her or give her short snippy answers. She is aware and her feelings do get hurt. My advice when talking to Jessica and those like her is to be patient give them extra time to tell their story. If it is a question answer it like you would want to be answered. When they repeat themselves take it upon yourself too help them keep the conversation going.

Who would think 12 years later we would still be trying to figure out how make our new normal work for all of us I do think that finally we closer than ever to figuring out a happy balance that works for all of us.

New doors of opportunity are opening and we are excited to see where they take us.

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