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How to Write a Resume Headline That Gets Noticed

The high competition is inevitable in these days. A lot of jobs are offered, but even more people are in search for the best position. A resume is a first thing that the job seekers have to deal with. It always brings up a number of worries and anxieties about whether it should be long or laconic, formal or laid back. There are dozens of issues to consider. Writing a headline is one of them. It’s usually the first point that applicants struggle with. Should one write an objective statement about the wanted position or simply dive into the career history out of hand? A strong headline is able to solve this problem.

Why Write Headline?

The best resume writing services NYC know that headline has to be catchy. It’s supposed to convey a clear message about who you are and what you’ve got to offer. The explanation is plain. The hiring managers don’t have much time, they are often too busy to spend hours on the resumes. Besides, the 30-second rule didn’t go anywhere. The recruiters need to know immediate answers to a few questions. Namely, what job you are applying for and why you would be a great fit.

How To Write Headline?

It’s better to write a headline in two parts or key elements. First, state the position, in a few words in a nutshell. Like “Executive Producer” or “Sales Manager”. That’s it, there’s no need to invent something new at the stage. The second part is more extended. The goal here is to make it clear, what makes you a good candidate and why a company has to choose you. It shouldn’t be half-page long and tell all biography. It would be also very reasonable not to fall into the trap and go for the bold statements and flowery descriptions. The recruiters don’t need to know about one’s gift for the striking phrase. All they want to know are the facts, truth about the accomplishments and achievements. This kind of information is extremely useful for them as it provides with an understanding of the applicant’s potential. This way they are able to see if a company would profit from you as an employee.

What skills and experience would be appreciated by the hiring manager? The answer is “take a look at the job ad”. There are always some key words and phrases that are relevant to the certain industry. They are common almost for every ad in the field. The thing is to look attentively and incorporate them into the headline. But doing so requires carefulness and delicacy. The rule “less is more” is definitely true in the case. Choose only several key words and use them appropriately.

A Few More Tips To Take Into Account

1.    Keep it short and sweet. Sure, you’ve heard it dozens of times before, but it’s impossible to underestimate the importance of the advice. Nothing beats the concrete facts.

2.    Use a different font for the headline. It’s the first thing to see for the recruiters. Thus, it makes sense to make them pay attention. Bolder fonts will do that perfectly. Just don’t go overboard, stay within limits of the formality. 

3.    Don’t use the same headline for the each position. Though they may be similar, the headlines have to be written with the specific job ad in mind. Attention to the details always pays off.

4.    Don’t be fond of clichés. Believe it, the hiring managers are already tired from the phrases like “team work” and “hard worker”. Be a little more resourceful.

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