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Posted 2018-10-17T01:05:50Z

Count down begins

Today marks 6 days to go. I spent the better part of the morning with pre-op tests and appointments. I really do feel like I almost covered every inch of the hospital today. Between appointment with surgical nurse, enhanced recovery program, my doctors nurses, ekg, chest xray, blood work and a stop off to check on short term disability paper work I really did cover alot of ground today. I might sound a tad whiny but I'm really just glad to have that taken care of. [...]

Posted 2018-09-28T18:55:00Z


Most of you may know that I have dealt with Endometriosis and Ovarian cysts for roughly a decade now. If that wasnt enough, in May they found three high grade precancerous spots on my cervix. In early July, I had a minor surgery to retrieve biopsies. These came back as high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (pre-malignat cells) Thankfully the biopsies removed all of the spots that were a concern. [...]