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Posted 2018-09-28T18:55:00Z


Most of you may know that I have dealt with Endometriosis and Ovarian cysts for roughly a decade now. If that wasnt enough, in May they found three high grade precancerous spots on my cervix. In early July, I had a minor surgery to retrieve biopsies. These came back as high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (pre-malignat cells) Thankfully the biopsies removed all of the spots that were a concern. 

In the process of all this "fun" I switched doctors. My original doctor was constantly cancelling appointments or I'd sit in the waiting room for a good two hours before being seen. I realize they are busy but ain't nobody got time for that. With the surgery on July 5th, I still hadn't been seen for my 6 week postop checkup in early September after they canceled my appointment 3 times! So I contacted a new doctor, transferred my records and got right in. 

The new doctor actually saw me for the post-op appointment on September 11th. We spoke of my concerns with Endo, cysts and now these cancer cells. This wasnt an easy conversation at first he tried to blow my concerns off like most doctors have done but I didnt let up. I explained how much this impacts my life. 

Some of you may wonder how it could impact anyone that much but it really does. I'm in constant pain but have to carry through the day as if it's not there. Being a recently divorced mother of three boys slowing down for pain isnt an option. Slowing down just isnt a thing, period. If you have never experienced an ovarian cyst burst you might not understand the anguish and embarrassment of having one burst while you are speaking in front of 30 co workers in a meeting or driving your kids to practice. This pain is indescribable. I would rather go through hours of labor than have 1 minute of the pain cysts busting causes. Or how Endo can make you look 5-6 months pregnant or worst people asking you how far along you are when you can no longer carry children. You may never understand what its like to have a period last for 3 months straight. That's not even to mention the severe cramps rather it's that time or not. My body has been attacking me for over a decade. I've endured multiple surgeries and I just cant anymore. Due to multiple surgeries my abdominal wall had weakened causing a incisional hernia with my last surgery. Which resulted in another surgery to repair. 

The new doctor decided to run a test and it was schedule just a few weeks from the original appointment. We met right after the test and he could finally see what I was talking about. The report clusters of cysts on my ovary and free fluid in my abdomen. Interestingly enough, he also discovered I have a smaller than normal uterus. Which typicall creates problems carrying children to full term especially twins. I decided mine while small must just be super stretchy, haha! Now back on topic,  free fluid can mean one of two things. Either the endo "shed" recently or I had another cysts burst. Since the pain of a cyst bursting is indescribably horrific I'm guessing it was the endo. 

At this last appointment right after the doctor saw what I was actually dealing with he ordered a complete hysterectomy. Is this a cure for all my issues no but it's the best option I have. The endo can come back even after the hysterectomy but my chances are much less. No more ovarian cysts because I'm having those suckers yanked out too. I'm sure if those cancer cells really want me they will find another place to invade bit again this will lessen the chances. This is more of a preventative surgery. To reduce the chance of these coming back and to aide in my current "symptoms". 

I feel like I've been rambling for awhile now so I'll finish this one up and post later on more specifics of the upcoming surgery. 

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