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Joe Cariglio's Journey Through Cancer

This site is to keep my friends and family updated as I battle cancer.

Don't be like me! I waited almost 2 years to have a colonoscopy. It couldn't be cancer

      because there is no history of cancer in our family. I was convinced it was IBS ( Irritable Bowl Syndrome.)

      So, I suffered with chronic diarrhea, treating myself for bad "gut flora." I tried peppermint oil, probiotics,

      drank gallons of keifer ate fermented foods etc. Antibiotics made it worse my stool looked like someone

      poured red wine in the toilet ( sorry for that description.) I couldn't travel too far for fear of having an "accident."

       It was so bad I couldn"t travel to my Aunt lessy's funeral.

When I got the news I was still in denial. This could not be happening to me. I was mad my body failed me.

        I did all the right things, green tea, I ate right, exercised, honey and cinnamon etc. My point is if there is

any blood in your stool at all have it checked out. If something doesn't feel right have it checked out. In this day and age

of chemicals and poisons in our food and products no one is safe. Don't be like me, have it checked out early.