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Joel's Newest Hip

Joel's 2009 Hip Re-Surfacing hardware is loosening so he will get a Total Hip Replacement on January 23 2018.

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My Next Hip

Good Morning Friends and Relations,

The left hip resurfacing I had in 2009 is failing.  The "cup", or socket, that was implanted in my hip is loosening.  It doesn't hurt much, but it squeaks, clunks and, more recently, makes metal on metal grinding noises.  This most likely means that there are really tiny nickel particles finding their way into my tissues.  I also worry about the loose hardware failing in a very unpleasant way. I decided to do the replacement as soon as possible and, fortuitously, a patient cancelled on January 23, 2018, and I'm on my way to a newer hip.  I expect to be in the hospital two days and then transfer to a rehabilitation facility.  I will eventually appreciate visitors.  More news as it breaks. 

Sarah will maintain the site during my recovery.

Thank you for your support and kindness during this experience.

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