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John Kay

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TUESDAY EVENING:  I received an email from CarePages saying that the site is going out of business.  I started that blog the same year that CarePages began--2007.

My local internist requires that I have an appointment every three months with her.  At yesterday's appointment, she said that all of my blood work looked fine except my blood cell counts.  My white and red blood cell counts always will be low because of the multiple myeloma; for example, my white cell count is 2.75 when it should be between 4 and 11.

She surprised me when she said that I tested positive for strep throat.  She prescribed an antibiotic.  My low WBC affects my ability to fight off disease.  Fighting cancer is like fighting a war.  I'm winning the war, but skirmishes and battles arise along the way.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience of having to switch from CarePages to  To post a comment, scroll down the page to the "Guest Posts" circle on the left and click on that or scroll down the page to "Leave a Comment" and then type in the box. Thanks.

Grace and Peace,

John Kay

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