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John Kay

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Latest journal entry

Seeing spots

I went to the eye doctor yesterday because I had been seeing dark spots in my right eye for the last week. I could not feel them, but I could see them, especially in the right periphery. He asked me when I first noticed them. I told him, "after working in the yard for a few hours." He said that the spots were caused by dehydration in the vitreous, which I learned is the gel of the eyeball. He said that they will go away on their own if I remain hydrated but having dehydration again could lead to a tear in the retina.

My oncologist told me today that, if my multiple myeloma numbers were worse, then the MM could have predisposed me to this eye problem. However, the MM and the chemo lower my immunity and thus make these and other weird problems more likely.

Overall, my MM remains stable. The lower dosage of chemo still is effective, although I continue to tire in the afternoons because the chemo has built up in my system for the last three years. I appreciated my oncologist's giving me two weeks off chemo in July so that I could enjoy our driving vacation to the Alabama coast.

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