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John Kay

This site is the successor to my CarePage, which went out of business. I will use this site also to tell those interested about my health about my cancer journey. I am [...] read more

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Getting by with less

THURSDAY:  I went to the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center’s Cancer Center for my monthly checkup. Since 2015, I have been on 20 mg. of oral chemo for multiple myeloma.   Last month, my oncologist halved my dosage. Today, I learned that I can get by with half the dosage and thus lessen the side effects. I still am slightly neutropenic (compromised immunity) but not enough to warrant another Neupogen growth-factor shot in the stomach. I have taken 20 mg. of Revlimid every-other day for 21 days since my previous appointment. I visit UTSW on my off-week each month. On April 15, I will begin 10 mg. every day for 21 days. The oncologist said that it might take another month for the side effects to lessen. Thanks for prayers and interest. In Christ, John Kay

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