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Posted 2018-10-03T04:35:00Z

Tuesday night Surgery Complete

Fifteen hours ago, John went into the operating room. Some tests were run before his operation truly began. Nevertheless, it was a long day. We spoke with the surgeon just now. He is satisfied with how things went. He described the condition of John’s old valve and it’s clear how necessary it was for John to have it replaced right away.  We will be staying with John in the ICU tonight. He is stable but will be closely monitored. 

Again, thank you all for your continued prayers for his recovery. I will probably not post again till tomorrow. 

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  • John Barnett
    John Barnett

    I told Dave (my boss) about John's operation. Dave then placed John's name on the international Catholic pray wheel. In turn, you can tell John that there are 37 million Catholics praying for 1 Protestant's full and complete recovery. Pakka

    one year ago · Reply
  • Jean Parrish
    Jean Parrish


    one year ago · Reply