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Posted 2018-10-03T15:33:00Z

Wednesday Morning- The Day After Surgery

John had a restful, comfortable night. His vitals were all relatively stable. The medical team is monitoring him closely and he still has a multitude of lines and tubes in. Those will gradually be reduced starting today with the breathing tube. They backed off on the respirator and John is breathing on his own this morning. The med team likes what they see so the plan is to remove the breathing tube  and the sedation will be less as well. There are more lines to remove but I won’t describe all the bumps in this roller coaster ride. 

The important thing is that he is doing well and comfortable. But gradually making progress to depend less on the support systems. He will start to wake up later today. This will be a slow, careful process.

Your prayers and support are appreciated as he is recovering. I am reading them but don’t always have time to type responses. I will share your messages with him when he becomes more awake and aware later. 

I can’t say enough good things about Texas Children’s Heart Center and the wonderful care he is receiving. 

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  • Jean Parrish
    Jean Parrish

    I need to clarify that he’s getting some help from the vent now that he showed he’s capable of breathing on his own. It’s just to help him before they extubate him soon.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Janet Osmond
    Janet Osmond

    That is excellent news!!!

    one year ago · Reply

    great news!

    one year ago · Reply