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Posted 2018-10-11T14:54:56Z

HOME!! Smiles all around!

John came home last night. We had dinner as a family, thanks to Chef Wesley. John was so happy to be in his own bed. 

Dr. Heinle, the surgeon who repaired John’s heart, joined us in the elevator by chance as we were heading home. We appreciate his talent and dedication. John received excellent care from the surgical, cardiac, and medical, nursing, therapy teams at Texas Children’s. We are so grateful. 

John is still recovering. He has several follow up appointments and healing to do. He hasn’t been released to return to school yet. I imagine we will hear more about that from his doctors next week.

You all have my heartfelt thank you for all the kind messages of encouragement. Our whole family appreciates all the moral support and prayers. 

This will probably be the last entry for this patient update page. Please feel free to contact me or John through text, phone or email. 

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