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Johns Hopkins RoadTrip

In July Bret was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. So, he took a road trip to Johns Hopkins Hospital, found a surgeon and snagged a spot in an immunotherapy clinical tria[...] read more

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Weeding Party, Part II

For my local friends: 

Got a gaggle of friends joining in tomorrow to weed and prune and eat chili and drink beer. It's going to rain. So attendance is up to matter what the weather there will still be chili, beer....and weeds. Oh and there will be nothing, NOTHING, pumpkin spice flavored. It is still summer.

For all my friends:  

I have a few more posts in my heart to share here at Post Hope. They are important, so I hope you will keep following.  Then I'll be sharing my writing at a new home.  Turns out I have a lot to say about love and life and cancer and dignity and grace...especially grace...and moving forward. I hope you will continue this journey with me.


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