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Jonah Barfield

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Posted 2018-04-12T17:13:51Z

Going Home!

God is SO good! Jonah's MRI came back with no evidence of a stroke! The CT scan showed no Shunt malfunction. He is still experiencing numbness & tingling in his left arm. The neurologist said that it is from his surgery, due to how he was positioned on the OR table or it happened during moving him from his pre-op bed to the OR table along with a combination of anesthesia. The doctor is hopeful that it will dissolve over several weeks along with some therapy. If it doesn't then we will follow up with our neurosurgeon. We have been released to fly home this afternoon. We are so excited & ready to be home after the past week. 

We do not have to return to Cincinnati for 6 months, when Jonah is scheduled for his next surgery with Dr. Frischer.

We are so blessed & grateful to our prayer warriors! 



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