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Jonah Barfield

To keep friends & family updated on Jonah's medical journey.

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Rehab, Blood Thinner, 18th Birthday,Paloma (emotional support dog), Next surgery :)

It has been over 4 months since Jonah fell and broke his hip & femur! We have been finished with rehab for over 2 weeks now. The wheelchair has been returned, walker, etc. is in the shed, and our friend Curt Powell, from church, came over and reinstalled our front storm door, took down the ramp, and put Jonah's door frame & door back together! Jonah even got to help Curt some!  So we are officially done with this chapter of Jonah's Journey!

As you can see in the pictures, my sweet hero turned 18 on October 28th! He celebrated with an "Avenger" birthday cake & the adoption of his emotional support dog, "Paloma"! She is a 2 year old Lab mix from our local Humane Society. She has been a wonderful blessing to Jonah! She is already very protective of him, and is constantly by his side! He even lets her sleep with him! I am so thankful for the group of sweet retired men from our church who came over and repaired our fence, so Jonah could adopt Paloma. 

Now that Jonah has finished his rehab, we are working with his Colorectal Surgeon to schedule his next surgery. He will still be on the blood thinner, Eliquis, until the end of January. I received an email from Monica, Dr. Frischer's nurse yesterday. They are trying to get us on the schedule for February. Since we should have had the surgery done in September, they are wanting to schedule it as soon as possible once he is done with the blood thinner. They are also working with Dr. Reddy, to get our overdue appointment and testing, that he needs done, schedule around the same week. This would be great to get everything done the same week. The enema tube in Jonah's belly is becoming "worn out", but at this point it is still working! The tissue around the tube is still growing, so they want to remove that in surgery along with replacing the tube. Jonah is ready to get the surgery done as he is been anxious since he knows it is past time to replace it and that the tissue continues to grow around the tube. 

It has been a long time since I have posted an update. I continue to praise God for watching over us! He is the "Great Physician" & He has never left our side. I remember when I got the call from Camp Barnabas' medical director on what had happened, & then the call from the ER, that they were transporting Jonah back home to Arkansas. I thought how can I not be there with him on the long ride back? God very clearly gave me a peace that passes all understanding! The ER doctor assured me Jonah would not be in any pain during the ride & the Camp Medical director said that her & Jonah's cabin nurse would travel back to Arkansas with him. From not knowing if the hospital in Springdale would have any orthopedic drs to take his case, since he was still a minor, to getting the approval for the Rehab floor to accept him, God was ALWAYS in control and already had a plan! 

God is ever present and ever faithful to us!!!

Bless you, prayer warriors, for sustaining us during these last 4 months! We are so grateful & blessed! 

I will post again when I have the date confirmed for Jonah's surgery in Cincinnati. :)



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