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Posted 2018-04-11T07:51:34Z

ER into admission

Jonah has been experiencing numbness & tingling in his left arm since surgery. When Dr. Frischer’s Nurse called to check on Jonah today, I mentioned it to her. Ten minutes later she calls back to tell us to go to the ER to be evaluated. We arrived around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon. ER Doctor ordered an ultrasound to check for blood clot. CT & X-ray for his shunt. Praise God, both of those were normal.   He then told us we could not fly home until they found an answer. So around 2:30 this morning we were admitted to the Neurological  Unit for a full neurological workup. We are not sure how long they will keep us or what additional testing will be ordered. We will not be flying home today. We are tired & Jonah is emotional over not coming home today. Dr. Frischer always has us stay in town for 24 hrs post op, just in case something comes up. Now I know why! I will update more tomorrow, but for now I hope to get a few hours of sleep. All of our things are still at the hotel. I have to arrange to go pack our stuff up, cancel our flight, etc & find a way to comfort m sweet Jonah. Prayers for everything.  Tina

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Comments (3)

  • Melissa Bradley
    Melissa Bradley

    So sorry for this setback! We'll be praying for answers and for peace, especially for Jonah to be comforted.

    one year ago · Reply
  • Patsy Sugg
    Patsy Sugg

    I hate to hear this, but I know God is in charge. I am praying for peace and comfort for both of you and for wisdom forbthe doctors. Love you, Mrs. Patsy

    one year ago · Reply
  • Grace E Barfield
    Grace E Barfield

    Praying for the Neuro check-up to find source of problem with an easy resolution. Keep the faith. Love you both.

    one year ago · Reply