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Posted 2013-09-10T03:42:22Z

Visit to UCLA's Lung Cancer Center

Today we had a very good visit with a lung cancer specialist at UCLA, Dr. Garon.  His team is working on some of the latest clinical trials of targeted treatments and immunotherapies for lung cancer.  We were very encouraged by his assessment and feel that between our local oncologist and Dr. Garon's team we have access to quality medical care and the latest treatments for non small cell lung cancer adenocarcinoma.  Our doctors concur that the next course of treatment is continued chemotherapy.  Joshi will be beginning chemo on Thursday with the same treatment he had in India.  We hope he will tolerate the chemo well with limited side effects. The doctors are also adding a bone strengthener which we hope will help with his pain.  There are 4 cycles at 3 week intervals so he should be finished with chemo in early November.  The latest scans were encouraging and showed that with the chemo he's had to date the main tumor in the lung has not grown and some of the other tumors in his body have reduced.  Yeah!  While Joshi is proceeding with chemo we will also be doing further analysis of the tumor to see if certain genetic mutations/rearrangements are present, such as ALK rearrangement. (He does not have the EGFR mutation).  Analysis of the tumor will help us determine whether currently marketed targetted therapies such as Zalcore (for ALK) or other targetted treatments or immunotherapies (such as Merck's PD1 inhibitor) in clinical trials are likely to be most effective for his particular cancer.   Involvement in any clinical trial or other therapy wouldn't start until after the chemo is complete, but it's good to know these additional therapies are available to us as we fight against this disease.   

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