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Journey to Recovery

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Home, recovery, and grandsons

It's been quite an eventful month plus since the last update. Mostly, updates have been slow in coming because I was otherwise distracted by the arrival of the newest family member, Elliot Winston Bickers on October 7. Since I am in charge of this site, it took a back seat while we all adjusted. Mark and Mom also adjusted - Mom was released from the hospital on October 24 to come home!

Mark and Mom are accustomed to home healthcare (both with nurses and from Mark), but there was some adjustment with this return home. Mom's care is slightly different than the routine they had for nearly 5 months before her surgery. Mom's wound care is obviously different, she's still on TPN, but eating a different diet (adding meat, avoiding anything fiberous, etc), and she is not quite as mobile as she was before the surgery. The latter is due to the invasiveness of the abdominal surgery and the difficulty getting moving again afterwards. Mom is improving and making progress in all areas, though. I must say, after having an unexpected C-section in October, my understanding of Mom's recovery of her movement and getting over the pain increased. I had a tiny incision and getting out of bed those first two weeks was so difficult and painful. I had great respect for my mom's strength and spirit before, but it increased exponentially after having to recover myself this month!

Mom and Mark are getting into a new routine and she is making progress daily. Mom's health is on a path to recovery and ultimately, she's ahead of where she was in July despite being behind where she was then in terms of mobility and independence. She is getting back to that point everyday, with the added benefit of being "put back together" from the damage of the infection of a year ago. We are thankful for family and friends who have been coming to stay with mom the last few weeks - keeping her company and making her sandwiches, etc.

Last week, we got to enjoy a reunion and introduction. After over 6 weeks without seeing Little Ross, we were able to bring the boys to the house - for Little Ross to see his Gigi and introduce mom to Elliot. It was a good visit, although a feisty 3 year old adds a little spice to the household. It was a sweet reunion that reminded us how much we have to be thankful for.

So, continue to pray for mom's recovery and Mark's stamina. He still has a lot to do to take care of mom everyday. He is amazing and he is encouraged to continue on as Mom is marching towards the better health. Also, as we approach the one-year anniversary of Mom's infection, pray that we can be thankful. It brings back hard memories for all of us. May we let that point us towards God's amazing faithfulness to us this year through much trial and tribulation.

Thank you all - I will try to post some pictures of the grandsons when I am at my computer (typing from Mom's house right now).

Mark, Allison, Ross, RB3 and Elliot

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