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Journey to Recovery

This site is for friends and family who want to remain updated on Denise's recovery from what began as Acute Pancreatitis in 2014. Her most recent medical adventure invol[...] read more

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My apologies for the long-overdue update. We have updated folks via text here and there, but it is time for a formal update! Mom has been doing really well - with some ups and downs, of course, but she's plowed through issues with the help of Mark, nurses, and doctors. Her body is healing really well. Dr. Galloway and her plastic surgery team is very pleased with how everything looks. Her CT scans and xrays have been good. Even more so, her body is working the way they want! 

Best, Mom is feeling good. She's walking and pushing herself to be active. She's getting bored - a good sign! So, this morning, the doctors decided that she'll be discharged to go home either today (Friday) or Monday! So, we feel incredibly thankful. Mark and Mom both see and feel the light at the end of this very long and winding tunnel. Mom is anxious to get home and continue to heal....and see her grandkids!

Please continue to pray for progress, healing, and growing strength. 

Thank you! We have felt encouraged through this long journey by our community of family and friends.

Mark, Allison, Ross, RB3, and Elliot

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