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Journey with God and Breast Cancer

A place for your written prayers, God's truth (Scripture) that I need to be reminded of, music that speaks God's truth, and Jokes / Humor (laughter is medicine)

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6th week - end of 2nd cycle - Sept 18

Today I am grateful that Ultrasound results confirm a decreasing size of cancerous lymph node!  

Today's pre-chemo lab results indicated some slightly decreasing lab values:

3.6 K/uL  (standard = 4.0 - 11.0 K/uL)
3.31 MIL/uL (standard = 3.80 - 5.20 MIL/uL)
10.7 g/dL (standard = 11.7 - 15.7 g/dL)
30.6 %  (standard = 35.0 - 47.0 %)
 Besides forgetting to take the Decadron last night, and not being adequately hydrated (as observed by low BP today) – these decreasing lab values also explain why I was tired today. I do now feel better after cat napping in my warm car and after getting the ice cap off!  At minimum I will get some Nupogen this week to address the WBC count – as well as some IV hydration.   Looking forward to taking next week off! – going to visit some girlfriends in AZ.

Thanks so much for your prayers - God is sustaining me  -"For in Him we live and move about and exist..."Acts 17:28a

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