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Salomickey's Journey...FOR A CAUSE!

On December 20, 2015, I will be shaving my hair to show my support to our sister Sulita. Please join me on this journey of mine. You can send any kind of support. Please [...] read more

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Posted 2015-11-04T00:20:00Z

...siblings will always be siblings!

How I wished that I am in these pictures too. (Don't you think sister Daday?) But soon enough we will see each other.

On these picture are my 3 loving brothers (I couldn't ask for more) from the province who conquered (YES, CONQUERED) their fears to take a plane just to see our sister. Hahaha, the day before they their flight, I asked them how are they feeling. And they said, excited and nervous.

I am really proud of them, for having no second thoughts visiting our sister. And of course, my sister's house was full of laughter as soon as they arrived. And yes, though our sister was sick, it was not an excuse for my brothers to tell her how STRICT she was..and is! :P See, I am not really alone when it comes to her being soooooo strict. Isn't it ironic? Those times that you made us cry, you made us angry and hated you for a while make us all laugh now? And those happy moments made us cry today? indeed! If only we could do this more often, to visit each other. But then, they have their own family to take care of. They have obligations and work that needs to be done. And not to mention that I am half-of-the-world away from them.

A year ago, my sister wouldn't let any of us visit her. Not even our mother. And our fault was that, we listened to her. Thinking that it will help her, so that she won't feel guilty "disturbing" us. But this time, sorry sister, we won't listen to you for now. And we all know that somehow, our beautiful and handsome faces brings happiness to your heart. Yes??? Oh, yes!


...these macho men are the worst when it comes to teasing. So, I better be ready after the 20th of December. :P


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