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Posted 2014-03-19T18:01:51Z

Joy's initial diagnosis and rehabilitation plan

Joy has unfortunately been admitted to the hospital experiencing short-term memory loss, headaches, and reduced vision. Early diagnosis is multiple brain tumors that were evident in the recent MRI results. She has had a biopsy performed and we are still waiting on results.

She is currently in the rehabilitation facility at MedStar Washington Medical Center. This is the same facility where the surgery was performed. She is expected to be in rehab for 2-3 more weeks before treatment.

The list of those who can visit Joy is very limited and she has close friends and family currently supporting her. There is a restriction on how many visitors (2) are allowed in the room. While she is in the hospital there is a need to coordinate visits and that is the purpose of calendar section of this site.

We want the conversations to focus on care and compassion as opposed to quizzing her or bringing up things or people from the past. Once she has treatment and begins to recover the conversations may change but for now saying that we love you and you will get better have shown the best results.

Joy is a wonderful, caring, and generous person. We all know that. She once again has brought people together and we are all remembering how special she is.

Currently she is disoriented and sometimes gets frustrated because she is struggling to get words out or form sentences but she does have periods where she perks up and shows her trademark fun and funny personality.

She will return home to Arlington once she completes the rehabilitation and will begin treatment as soon as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.

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