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Posted 2015-01-08T14:32:17Z

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

After spending the week of Thanksgiving in the hospital do to a common cold that completely wiped out Judson's immune system we decided to keep him out of school and under a modified "house arrest" until after Christmas:).  I'm happy to report that our gamble paid off and we had a great Christmas which included a lot of family time and NO time in the hospital.  The kids had a blast during their Christmas break and just started school back up this week.   Judson is thrilled to be back in the classroom. [...]

Posted 2014-10-30T05:25:00Z

April 2016, Here we come!!

Judson officially started the Maintenance phase of chemo on Friday, October 24th and we hope to be completely done with treatment in April of 2016---woohooo!!!  Maintenance consist of daily chemo medicine that is taken at home, monthly check ups & labs at the clinic, and quarterly spinal taps to ensure the cancer is staying away, and everything continues to look good.  It is a lot less hospital time, and a lot more freedom.  Judson's immune system is still low so we try to take some precautions, but for the most part the doctors want him to start building up his immune system.   With that being said...we are enjoying the outings.  We've included a few pictures of what Judson has been up to lately-none of which included a hospital photo:).[...]

Posted 2014-09-18T03:39:30Z

Keepin On

I just realized how long it has been since our last post.  We have had a lot of excitement since then, but everyone is doing great now.  Several months ago Judson had another surgery because his port flipped over, yes, flipped over.  It's apparently not unheard of, but not particularly common.  Being the trooper he is, that procedure only earned us a one night stay at the hospital and just a few surprised expressions.   [...]

Posted 2014-07-03T02:42:09Z

Hanging at the hospital with a Superhero

Little man had a fever Thursday night, which earned him a trip to the ER (protocol).  Dirk and Judson spent a long evening in the ER so a few test could be run to be certain his fever was due to a virus, and not a bacterial infection.  The good news is, he does not have a bacterial infection.  The surprising news is that they wanted us to stay in the hospital until Judson's numbers go up-which they estimate to be another 2-3 weeks! [...]

Posted 2014-05-16T01:34:18Z

What a difference a day can make!

Judson had a quick visit to the oncology clinic yesterday.  He had a low grade fever, and a raspy voice so the doctor suggested coming in.  The protocol is pretty straightforward-he had a blood culture, blood draw and a shot of antibiotic.  It seems overkill to give an antibiotic when nothing may be wrong but it is a safety precaution.  Judson's numbers were strong so it seems he was just fighting a little virus.  He is back to himself tonite-chowing down on chicken wings and entertaining the family. [...]

Posted 2014-04-15T18:46:52Z

Still no Chemo...

Judson has not been able to start phase 3 just yet, but he has discovered the race car at the oncology clinic!  This phase is "all about the numbers"-in order to start he has to have ANC of at least 750-we are hovering around 600 right now but have been as low as 400, and as high as 650.  It's been 3 weeks since he was supposed to start, fortunately our doctors are not concerned that this is caused because the leukemia has returned-instead, they have explained that it's his body's way of saying it's too much and he needs a little more time.  We know he will get there, but would obviously prefer sooner rather than later:).  J heads back Friday and if his numbers still are not high enough they will do a bone marrow test on him to get more insight in to his "numbers" and possibly how much longer he will need.[...]

Posted 2014-03-13T03:03:34Z

A little more chemo, and a little more eating (March 11, 2014)

Judson had his 3rd round of Phase 2 on Tuesday and did awesome. We were finished in a little over an hour and his actual procedure was literally 5 min- then he was up and ready to start eating (no food or drink after midnight).  He gets next week off and then we hope to start the next phase on March 25th.  I only say "hope" because as the treatment continues Judson's platelet count and ANC* must be a certain levels in order for him to get the chemotherapy.  Phase 3 operates in 10 day cycles and last 8 weeks.  Each visit they will pull his labs, do a complete blood count (CBC) to determine his level and then decide if he can receive treatment. It's a little trickier than our previous phases, but in general we are told it's not a particularly hard phase. [...]

Posted 2014-03-13T02:37:11Z

At the field-Go White Sox!

Adrian's baseball season has started, which means the Dimitry family will be found at the baseball field for the next few months...several times per week.  Judson absolutely loves to throw balls and we would not be surprised if he finds himself on the diamond in a few years.  Here he was on Saturday watching the action.  [...]