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Posted 2014-07-03T02:42:09Z

Hanging at the hospital with a Superhero

Little man had a fever Thursday night, which earned him a trip to the ER (protocol).  Dirk and Judson spent a long evening in the ER so a few test could be run to be certain his fever was due to a virus, and not a bacterial infection.  The good news is, he does not have a bacterial infection.  The surprising news is that they wanted us to stay in the hospital until Judson's numbers go up-which they estimate to be another 2-3 weeks! 

This phase is known for really wiping away the white blood cells so our doctor was concerned that if we left, we would just end up right back in the hospital because Judson's immune system is non existent at this point. 

Judson's spirits are good-he had another large dose of chemo Monday and is still a little worn out but otherwise getting used to be in the hospital with limited mobility.  He gets one hour/day of "free" time which means we can leave the floor with him, and he doesn't have to be hooked up to an IV and monitors.  Lucky for us there is a Starbucks in the hospital that has a very nice outdoor area-it's a safe bet you can find us there.   

Thanks to everyone for your phone calls, texts, and email-they are very appreciated.

**Photo credit to our friend Amanda, that created the SuperJudson**

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  • Mimi McKinney
    Mimi McKinney

    oh, Rita and family - as I haven't sen you, R - recently,am certainly glad for the post hope today (at least the day I opted VB ) Bless Joyous Judson's heart - he's a trooper if ever there was to be one! keep making that progress nd perhaps soon you will be flying around like Tarzan ! Hey, J's Dad - you will have to explain that one !!!

    5 years ago · Reply