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Posted 2014-09-18T03:39:30Z

Keepin On

I just realized how long it has been since our last post.  We have had a lot of excitement since then, but everyone is doing great now.  Several months ago Judson had another surgery because his port flipped over, yes, flipped over.  It's apparently not unheard of, but not particularly common.  Being the trooper he is, that procedure only earned us a one night stay at the hospital and just a few surprised expressions.   

After that Judson made it through Delayed Intensification and only had a short delay till starting Interim Maintenance II.  He is now almost half way through the phase and the Dr. commented yesterday on just how well he is doing.  His levels look great, and he is full of energy. 

One of the most exciting details is that Judson was cleared to start school!!  Woohooo, he has been going for almost two weeks now and is loving his teachers and new friends.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Photo 1-Munchin' on popcorn at the clinic Tuesday (9-16)

Photo 2-Judson's first day of school poster

Photo 3-On our way back from clinic a few weeks ago the car started making a funny noise.  We drove straight to the dealership, leaving the two of us as vagabonds.  Fortunately, my Mom was close and picked us up.   


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Comments (4)

  • Linda Ark
    Linda Ark

    ThAnks for the update and pictures. Have a fantastic year in school and even more successful treatments. Great Job

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Beth LaPierre
    Beth LaPierre

    Such great news! Love his pics and glad the school transition is going well. I hope you can make it to my Mom's night out next Thursday; I'm hosting!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Hugh Grubbs
    Hugh Grubbs

    Fantastic news!!

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Iris Turner
    Iris Turner

    So glad he is doing well. Heard great things about the school. Good luck!

    5 years ago · Reply