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Posted 2014-10-30T05:25:00Z

April 2016, Here we come!!

Judson officially started the Maintenance phase of chemo on Friday, October 24th and we hope to be completely done with treatment in April of 2016---woohooo!!!  Maintenance consist of daily chemo medicine that is taken at home, monthly check ups & labs at the clinic, and quarterly spinal taps to ensure the cancer is staying away, and everything continues to look good.  It is a lot less hospital time, and a lot more freedom.  Judson's immune system is still low so we try to take some precautions, but for the most part the doctors want him to start building up his immune system.   With that being said...we are enjoying the outings.  We've included a few pictures of what Judson has been up to lately-none of which included a hospital photo:).

The first picture, is the evening from when he started maintenance.  We went to dinner with a few friends to celebrate. Judson was in to everything and loved playing in the dirt.  The second photo is Judson's FIRST field trip to Hillridge Farms.  It worked out that Grandma was in town, so she joined along for the fun.  Judson loves the swing, and is starting to build confidence using the "big kid" swing.  Photo three-well, that's my fault.  I introduced our kids to Starbucks.  Per the recommendation of a friend, we let Judson try the cake pop and he is obviously a fan.  The final photo is sweet Judson handing out at a family wedding in Charleston.  As seen, he is looking very dapper in his seersucker suit and bow tie.


**Grrr, the photos posted in a different order-sorry for the mix up.**

Thanks to everyone for your constant support and prayers.  As much as we want 2016 to get here so Judson can finish treatment, we really don't want to rush.  All of the kids are growing and changing so fast, we want to capture as much time as we can. 

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Comments (2)

  • Sonya Lucic
    Sonya Lucic

    Love getting the updates and pictures of Judson's progress! What an amazing family you have and so very happy to hear how well Judson is doing. Hoping to see you guys and meet Judson at Tiffany's on Thanksgiving. Sonya & Family

    5 years ago · Reply
  • Cynthia O. Jones
    Cynthia O. Jones

    Thank you so much for the update! Have been keeping all of you in prayer! April of 2016 will be here before you know it! The picture of Judson at the wedding is adorable! Watch out World! Cindy Jones

    5 years ago · Reply