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Judy Brandt

Judy is having a procedure on December 15 to remove a tumor on her pancreas. Surgery, the hospital stay, and recovery are long and arduous. This site will help her family[...] read more

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Posted 2016-02-24T22:30:37Z

JB is cancer-free!!

A visit to the oncologist on Friday last week turned fear into thankfulness when we heard Mom was declared in remission!!  Her tumor was about the size of a dime and fully encapsulated.  The lymph nodes around it were clear and the oncologist and surgeon are confident she is going to do well.  As usual, she will have to do follow-up visits at 6 months and then every year.  She can be considered cured if she has no recurrence after 10 years.  

She continues to have antibiotic infusions daily and has a drain for a pocket of fluid in her abdomen.  Because of the pulmonary embolism she will have to be on blood-thinner for a few more months and it's been a challenge keeping her INR stable but so far so good.

Thank you to the volunteers who come and stay with Liam while Mom is at doctor appointments or infusions, I am working, and Bill is at school.  

Keep praying.



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