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Juliana's " My! Oh Mind!" Communications!

The purpose of this site is to follow the progress of Juliana is making after the major surgery on Nov. 12, 2008, she lost her ability to swim forward because her core muscles are weak and hampered her to return to serve in the Food Services Industries and now she has Carpal Tunnel Syndroms which causes her to unknowingly lost grip of a metal spoon at times! So Juliana took a Create a Simple Web Page course at Cabrillo College this Fall, with the intend to upload the video taping of her new skill of swimming feet first face down in the swimming pool due to weakness. Hoping to generate funds to cover her living if not expenses on health related issues...

I forgot I had a post here to ask for help! An update now, x years later in March of 2015.... Since May of 2011, I got onto SSDI benefits, good or bad at least better than nothing! Meanwhile, I still have lingering issues...residual problems from the major surgery which did not work out as planned, i.e. with complications instead of without complications....Although I am much stronger than 2010 or so when this video of me swimming feet first was taken by Adaptive PE instructor at Cabrillo Collge, Celia... I am not doing as much exercises which I ought to push myself into doing....last time that I was in the swimming pool, a year or two ago... I was able to swim the way that you see in the video, the full length of the pool instead of just a few kicks and needed to rest in between...Right now I am kind of in "depression" because I ran out of hand myself, in doing housework....but at least I am getting out on Tuesday nights in my 23 years old Plymouth mini-van, and go play flute if not piccolo with the Cabrillo College Concert/Symphonic long as I am not over doing it and have another triggered fingers if not carpal tunnel syndrome long as I keep on distracting myself from being bordered by the abdominal 'irritations'..I am doing "fine"...Thanks for the supports...till next time I found my post and forgot that I had posted something here in