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Julie's Progress

To track Julie's progress and status as she is treated for breast cancer.

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A Late Update

Sorry that I haven't posted lately. I keep hoping to be able to post some good news, but things haven't changed much. On the recommendation of M. D. Anderson Pain Management, Julie went through three weeks of acupuncture, which did not provide any relief to her neuralgia pain. She has finally gained back a few pounds (but is still far under-weight), so we set an appointment with our oncologist to discuss Julie starting another round of chemotherapy. However, we ran into another little complication...she had started developing a swelling of her left leg. I believe I had already posted that she had previously developed a blood clot in her right leg. The oncologist would not start chemo until we could confirm that Julie had not developed another blood clot. An ultrasound confirmed that she had not. A couple of other tests were run, and she was given the okay to start the chemo. This round is an oral chemo treatment plan, and she took her first medication yesterday, on the 4th of July. All chemo drugs have several side effects. One side effect that we are worried about on this drug is something called hand/foot syndrome, which can cause a patient's hands and feet to become sore and tender, or worse. Because Julie's pain has not improved, one of the few things that provide her a tad of relief is for her to do significant walking. We can't afford to have that relief outlet compromised. Only time will tell. If Julie can tolerate the side effects, she will be on this drug for at least six months. Today, we had another appointment with Pain Management. They had no new advice or recommendations, except to increase Julie's opioid dose a bit. Her dosage was already high, but because she remains in significant daily pain, we'll go along with it. We'll just have to see how that goes.

We thank you all for your continued support, and positive thoughts and well wishes.

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