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Julie's Progress

To track Julie's progress and status as she is treated for breast cancer.

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Uphill Battle

Julie's shingles pain continued to get worse, even after being prescribed pain meds last Tuesday.  This Saturday night, the 6th, her pain reached a point of totally unbearable, and I had to run her into the MDA emergency room before daylight on Sunday morning. They recognized how bad she was, and immediately checked her into the hospital. They put her on multiple meds, including morphine, and they have spent the last several days trying to find the right balance of drugs to provide her some relief. They believe they have finally found the correct combination. We're still at the hospital now, hoping to get out today (but it's getting a bit late in the day). We will leave here with her condition still generating pain, but hopefully with a combination of drugs that will allow us to manage it. Unfortunately, this episode caused her to miss her chemo treatment for this week, but when I checked her blood counts here, they were too low to have gotten her treatment anyway. Her next treatment has been scheduled for Tuesday of next week, but her counts will have to come up by then to allow the treatment. Given her current condition, that's going to be a challenge...

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