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Posted 2018-01-05T00:49:18Z

The New Year

Wow!...was I ever wrong about thinking that Julie had turned the corner on her shingles. Since my last post, the pain associated with her condition has gotten worse, and she's been in constant excruciating pain. We've tried everything to give her some relief, including pain meds, but nothing seems to be effective in reducing the pain. The only relief she gets is when the pain meds put her to sleep.

She was scheduled for her next chemo treatment today. Unfortunately, once again, her blood counts were too low to allow her to recieve her treatment. It's been delayed into next week, expecting (hoping) that her counts will go up by then. The doctor did give her some additional meds for her shingles...we hope they help.

Some good news...the ultrasound that she had today indicated that her current treatment plan is being effective in reducing her tumor. That's good news, but we will remain cautious, because her last treatment plan also reduced her tumor a bit, but then stopped being effective. We are hoping that this treatment will continue to be effective.

I'll work at keeping y'all posted. Have a Great Year!

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  • Sue Sullivan
    Sue Sullivan

    The Shingles are bad enough when you are healthy. I know, been there done that. Art, have they suggested giving Julie some platelets to increase her red blood count. Keep strong the both of you and all will be great!!!! Please call if you need anything.

    2 years ago · Reply

      Thanks, Sue. Her low counts have delayed treatments twice before. One time they did give her platelets, and another time they gave her a white blood cell booster injection. If her counts are not back up next week, I expect they will use one of those methods again. Thanks for your thoughts.

      2 years ago · Reply