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Posted 2019-12-07T19:35:48Z

Not Good

I don't like to post bad news, but I do need to keep everyone posted on Julie's status. Unfortunately, her scan last week showed that the trial drugs that she's been on have not proven effective. We have had continued disease progression in her lungs. We will now have to try to find a different treatment plan. Our choices are limited...probably a different type of standard chemotherapy, or possibly another trial. Will make that decision as soon as we can obtain enough detail on our possible options. It's an ongoing battle...

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Comments (6)

  • Ken King
    Ken King

    Visited with you guys briefly before you headed home. So sorry to hear this. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending positive vibes your way. Take care. Ken

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Gloria E Irby
    Gloria E Irby

    So sorry for the disappointment you two are feeling. I'll keep sending prayer that God will keep you both strong.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • James Stewart
    James Stewart

    I am so disappointed to hear these latest results. Julie has been through so much and you too. All my best and hoping for better news soon.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Bill Taylor
    Bill Taylor

    We love you guys. We will keep our prayers for some relief.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Jack E. Smith
    Jack E. Smith

    I know this is not the news everyone wanted to hear and I don't think anyone can imagine what Julia has been through, but I pray to God that he will give her comfort and if it is His will, help her overcome this terrible disease. God Bless you Julia.

    4 months ago · Reply
  • Cleo Tarver
    Cleo Tarver

    We continue to pray for both of you on this difficult journey. God bless. Cleo & Judy

    4 months ago · Reply