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Posted 2017-10-11T16:05:37Z

Julie's Latest Scan

Some good news to report. Yesterday, we went in for Julie's scan, doctor's visit, and her next chemo treatment. The scan indicated that the chemotherapy treatments are doing some good. The treatments have shrunk her breast tumor significantly. Great! Wonderful! That means that we can continue her current treatment plan, rather than have to move to another plan, or to a trial, and hope that her current treatments continue to be effective (sometime treatments lose their effectiveness after a while). We still have a very long way to go, but this is a very positive first step on this journey.[...]

Posted 2017-10-06T12:51:20Z

Back to Houston

Well, Julie certainly did enjoy her week back home. Fortunately, she did not have the same bad reaction to her second treatment as she did with her first, the one that put her in the emergency room, so we were able to make it through the week with no major problems. We are now back in Houston preparing for a scan, visits to her doctors, and her next chemo treatment, scheduled for next week. The results of the scan will determine our path forward with her treatment. She is feeling reasonably well, just trying to manage the various side effects of the chemo. Thank you all for your thoughts and well-wishes.[...]