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Posted 2017-09-30T16:07:27Z

Julie Status Report

Julie couldn't stand being away from home any longer, so she insisted that we drive home this past Thursday, just two days after her second chemo treatment. This is Saturday morning, and except for a bit of fatigue, she has been feeling good since we got home. I believe a lot of it is just because she's so happy to be back in her house (and this great weather!). Six or seven days after her first treatment, she got sick enough for me to take her to the emergency room. Her doctor reduced her dosage a bit for this second treatment, in an attempt to avoid a recurrence. We haven't reached our sixth or seventh day after this treatment yet, but we'll just hope for the best, and enjoy the days that she does feel good.[...]

Posted 2017-09-27T19:22:42Z

First Journal Entry - Sept. 27, 2017

This first entry has to be a bit long to get the folks that have been unaware of our situation up to date. I will start at the beginning;

Because Julie has always been at high risk for breast cancer, for years we have been going to M.D. Anderson every six months for exams. On our most recent visit on August 3rd, her MRI detected a mass in her right breast. A biopsy confirmed it to be malignant. It turns out to be metaplastic, a very rare form of breast cancer, representing less than 1% of all breast cancers. Unfortunately, this type of cancer tends to be chemo-resistant, and is very challenging to treat. Her current treatment plan is to have chemotherapy for a fairly long time, before any surgery is scheduled. Those plans could always change.[...]