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Posted 2018-11-25T02:02:17Z

Radiation Treatments Complete

Julie has finally completed her 35 daily radiation treatments. The treatments really did a number on her skin, so it will take a while for that to heal, but at least that phase of her treatment is complete, and we won't be locked into staying in Houston, as we have been for the last couple of months. We were actually able to get home for this Thanksgiving weekend. Because this cancer is resistant to chemotherapy drugs, there there are no preventative measures available to us. We just have to hold our breath now, and hope that we don't have another local recurrence, or metastasis that this particular cancer is so notorious for. We will continue to be watchful, and she will have regular tests and scans. She is feeling pretty good right now, even though she's still on opioids to control her neuralgia pain. She felt well enough for us to make a run over to Louisiana last weekend for a little gambling. I'm happy that she's feeling well enough to enjoy herself a bit, and that we now have some time available to do whatever she cares to do. We truly thank you all for your continued support and your positive thoughts.[...]