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Posted 2019-03-12T20:15:14Z

Update Time!

I've had several inquires as to how Julie is doing (and had my butt kicked a couple of times for not posting). I haven't posted because there has been no change in her condition. But that is certainly no excuse for my not keeping y'all posted on how she's coming along. As far as the cancer is concerned, there has been no change, which is good news. Her last scans were in January, and they were clear. Her next scan is scheduled for late May, unless something comes up to change that. Unfortunately, there has been no improvement with her neuralgia pain. We tried another nerve block (her fourth), which (once again) failed provide her any relief. She is still on multiple opioids to keep the pain somewhat under control, but she is in some degree pain all of the time. It only varies in the level of severity. She's a tough lady, and manages to push through the hurt most of the time. Her strength and endurance hasn't returned completely, but she does perform her normal activities, her household chores, and helps me in the yard. She has finally managed to gain a little weight, and no longer looks like a pretty walking skeleton (yay!). So all-in-all she's doing reasonably well. I thank you all for your continued interest, concern, support, and well wishes. Everyone take care![...]