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Sue Sullivan Sue Sullivan

Thanks Art for sharing this rough time that you and Julie are traveling. Glad she is doing great. You both are strong people and will beat this large bump in the road of your long and beautiful marriage.

Renee Robuck Renee Robuck

Julie, Julie, Julie, Julie!

Brent and I are TEAM JULIE!!! SCREW CANCER! CANCER SUCKS!!!! The way you rocked that Mohawk, cancer doesn't stand a chance! I loved it and your earrings! Get rest, eat good and as much as possible. Don't worry about a thing, Nurse Goodbody Farias has your back! We love you and are here for you both!

hugs and kisses,
Brent and Renee

Paige Castor Paige Castor

Dear Julie & Art,

You have provided us so much encouragement, faith, strength and hope through my cancer and treatments. We hope we can now do the same for you. We love you so much!

Paige and Paul

Cleo Tarver Cleo Tarver

Julie & Art,
This is a tough journey for both of you, but we are confident of a very good outcome. Our prayers are
with you.
Our Love.
Cleo & Judy Tarver

Robert Williams Robert Williams

Julie - Regie's and my prayers are with you. Hang tough. I know the chemo is hard, but you have allot of people pulling for you.

Bob & Regie Williams

Larry Hunter Larry Hunter

Me and Kathy are praying for you, We hope all goes well. We hope and pray that the Chemo stops the tumor. Kathy said to think positively to help make it through these difficult issues. We will pray that the doctors will guide you through this difficult time. We understand how serious this is since Kathy had breast cancer and reconstructive surgery last year. We care for you both, please let us know if we can help you in any way.
Larry and Kathy

Michele Taylor Hayes Michele Taylor Hayes

We are praying for you all! We love you!!!

Bill Taylor Bill Taylor

Julie is one of the most lovely person that Faye and I have ever known. We love you and our prayers are for God to hold you close in his hands. Love Ya Julie.