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Julz Vs. Breast Cancer

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Don’t worry: Mines just soda!

 I’m so lucky my doctors cleared me to still be able to take my (non refundable!) trip to Europe! I booked this trip literally 4 days before I was diagnosed. Part work part play. But I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to still go. So once again I’m so grateful to my amazing doctors for the their talented surgical skills that allowed me to heal quickly and forever in debt to my friend Liz and Deb for carrying all my luggage! I’m still not allowed to left anything more than 5lbs!!! So far Oktoberfest in Munich was amazing after a quiet evening in Kent visiting with debs family. Now on to Prague for a couple days then to a trade show in London! 

As the trip continues I can’t gelp to think that each day I’m a step closer to my first chemo treatment. And I’m terrified. I definitely think I needed this trip before I start that chemo tho. Just to give myself a break from the daily doctors appointments and phone calls arguing with insurance (still trying to make my insurance cover my treatments!) and I know when I return life will certainly not be normal. I’ll have to adjust to yet again a new level of stress, new physical ailments and feelings, and of course new emotional status of what I can only assume will be depression, saddens, fear and probably anger. So if you can spare it, lend me your strength! I’m gonna need it. Because even tho it may look like I’m the “warrior” or whatever, just beneath the surface lays a steady baseline of sadness and fear for the unknown. 

Thank you again to everyone for all the nice messages and sentiments. I love you all! 

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