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My Cancer Story

I was diagnosed on April 23 2015 with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. This site is dedicated to my story so that my family and friends can follow my progress to success.

Latest journal entry

6 Month Post Transplant Update.

Many of you know that I had my 6 month CT scan yesterday and that today I met with my oncologist to get my results.  In the past I have made people wait until the end of the post before I spill the beans but this time I will just tell you.

1: NO CANCER, 100% clear

2: The swelling in the tumor site has shrunk in size, this means damaged areas are recovering.

3: My blood work shows that my body has 100% recovered from my transplant!

4: I am off all major restrictions but I need to be careful near mold / dirt / construction / etc.

The rest of my life is going well; I am adjusting to living again.  My body feels good, even though gravity is winning and I do need to fix that.

We still have or normal family challenges but is simply life and it’s good.

I could not have a better update for you, tonight I will sleep well……