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My Cancer Story

I was diagnosed on April 23 2015 with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. This site is dedicated to my story so that my family and friends can follow my progress to success.

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Posted 2019-05-13T02:19:08Z

Mothers day 2018

Today has been hard, it is the first Mothers day with out Lana Vogt and yet I need to be great-full for Lisa Vogt. Today was sad and releasing for me. Lisa is a great mother and I am not trying to detract from her, but this was something I needed to do for me, I needed to let go. Needing to move forward and not being constrained by the past is hard. I miss her daily, but it can't interfere with life, I know she would not have wanted that. So today, we completed some of her requests, she wanted to be spread with her dogs ashes and released together. She also wanted to be planted with a tree, so today I purchased 2 trees. She will be mixed in with both, and into her gardens that she loved. Sometimes letting go is hard and freeing at the same time. I will always remember & love her. Today I set both her and I free. I love you Mom. The 2 hardest mothers days will always be the last and the first empty one.....

We planted flowers for both her and our family, she loved lavender and purple, we set new traditions for our kids. We planted new life, we focused on growth, love and remembrance.

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