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Posted 2020-04-01T02:58:00Z

March 31, 2020

The doctor confirmed that I am still doing well.

More Info:

February went by quickly and an appointment never got set up for February. The very nice nursing staff figured that out and scheduled me for March instead.

As the appointment day drew near I kept checking their website to see if I was still supposed to show up. The Tuesday before my Thursday appointment the nurse called and said that she was calling to cancel my appointment as follow-ups of my type were not to come into the office, unless I was experiencing any symptoms, and I was not. Instead, if I would please go the next day and have my blood drawn, at a site within their network so they would be able to access the results, the doctor would call me at my appointment time and have my appointment that way.

They sent the order for bloodwork to a location close to my house and gave me the phone number and address . I decided I would go right then, rather than waiting until the next day, calling to make sure that was possible. When I got there the parking lot was pretty empty. I waited for the person who was leaving, wearing a mask, to get into the car that was picking them up before I went in. I was greeted by a friendly person seated behind a table who was ready with a thermometer and a box of masks. After a few questions I was told I could proceed to the next two friendly people standing on either side of a podium. After hearing I was there for a blood test they sent me to desk number 6 to check in. That person's job took twice as long as usual, since they had to ask health screening questions in addition to the usual procedure. I waited a few minutes, had my blood drawn and was soon on my way back home.

Thursday it felt funny waiting for my doctor appointment phone call. The nurse called once to let me know I would be next after he finished with his current patient, that they hadn't forgotten about me. She called the second time to tell me he would be on the phone shortly. The doctor then told me that my blood tests were good and asked if I was having any problems. I wanted to know what kind of things I should be looking out for at this point. He said that actually there wouldn't be anything I would be able to notice. That is why they do scans, to catch things early and to maybe catch random possibly unrelated things elsewhere.

So, I am thankful.

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