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Karen's Pancreatic Cancer Care Site...

I know that God has a wonderful plan for my life and no matter what I will be all right. I don’t want people to worry or feel bad for me. Please understand I believe that Jesus died for me and anyone who believes in Him, so that we are forgiven for all the wrong things we have done and can someday live in Heaven with God instead of the eternal punishment of being without Him.

I have experienced many, many blessings throughout my life, but I am most thankful for having family that believes God’s promises. So, I know no matter what they are or will be going through they know they are taken care of by their Savior, Comforter and Heavenly Father.

We are using this website to help keep people updated on how things are going as we take on pancreatic cancer one step at a time.

People who know me well understand that I like details and lists, but I realize that others may appreciate concise explanations, so I am trying to do both. Keeping that in mind, the first part of my journal entries will try to be to the point and if you want more information you may continue to read further. In either case, thank you for your time, concern, thoughts and prayers.  Feel free to share a link to here with anyone who might be interested.