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Posted 2020-01-05T23:24:57Z

January 5, 2020

My test results are still good.

More Info:

After my MRI was scheduled I focused on making sure that if they were going to have me take the pretreatment medications I would be able to have the doctor order the prescription and pick them up in time. I called and they told me I would not need them. I was pleasantly surprised, but in a state of disbelief because they had never allowed that at this hospital system before. So for that reason I asked them if they could please make sure that was correct. They said they would check and give me a call back. I gave them the rest of that day and the next one, but they didn't return my call. Apparently, they were only going to call back if I needed the pills, because they told me, when I called again, that I definitely did not need them. I wonder if it had anything to do with the technician who had done my MRI the previous year. He had told me he was trying to get the procedure changed so people in my circumstance wouldn't need to be pretreated unnecessarily. Or maybe when I filled out their survey and asked if that could be changed they did. In any case, yay! No pills and I would be able to drive myself home too. Rich came along anyway for fun.

I was trying to be helpful and efficient during the scan so when they asked what music I wanted I said "none thank you." They asked if I wanted warmed blankets I said "no thanks." The tube generates some of its own heat, I wasn't cold and the air conditioning for the health of the machine felt good. Then the person who sets up the music asked what I wanted and they had to tell her no thank you and when someone I couldn't see, because I was laying down, showed up with the warmed blanket they "said thanks for getting that, but she doesn't want one." So I don't think I saved anyone any time or effort.

They realized I had had a few MRIs so figured I knew how things worked, but I asked how I could be most helpful and they said to just breathe consistently. I said that was part of the reason I didn't want to listen to music, since there was the sound of the machine in the room and I tried to breathe with that. They also said that when the contrast was pumped into my IV it might feel like it was leaking. They assured me it would only feel like it was leaking and asked me not to squeeze the bulb. They put a bulb in your hand in case you need the test to stop for some reason. Stopping the test at that point would presumably mess things up pretty badly, since the scan needs to be done at a certain time after there is contrast in your system.

This turned out to be the most difficult time I have had that I can remember. It wasn't really that bad, I just couldn't hear the machine I was going to try to breathe with and thinking about breathing regularly makes you wonder if you really are. Usually when you have to hold your breath for certain picture the technicians would ask me to breathe in and hold it. This time she had me breath in, blow it out and then breathe in again and hold it. I messed this up a bit, since it wasn't what I was expecting, but oh well. The final issue was when the contrast went in, I didn't squeeze the bulb, but I felt compelled to tell them it really did feel like it was leaking this time. It usually feels cold and wet, but this felt different. They told me they could see contrast where they wanted to so things were fine. After they were done they checked and confirmed that it had leaked at least some of the saline solution that goes in after the contrast, so that was interesting.

With having my attention diverted to the prep pills, and for whatever other reason, I forgot to have my blood work done before the appointment. I worked out fine, because they can do the blood test to make sure you are physically able to have an MRI on the spot. It worked out to get the blood work done the next day. The doctor's office assured me if anything came out weird, because of the contrast they inject during the test, they could rerun that part if necessary.

The doctor wasn't expecting to see me until February so his office called, told me that the MRI and blood work were all good and he would still just see me in February.

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