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Karen Cole

Karen is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

Latest journal entry

Good news, nice hats

On Wednesday of the week before last, Karen had the first infusion of her 2nd month. Each month, she gets infusions the first 3 Wednesdays, then gets the 4th Wednesday off. But the first infusion each month contains two chemo drugs, and the 2nd and 3rd only have one of those drugs. After this month's two-drug infusion, she felt pretty crummy. But this week was the 2nd infusion of the month, with just one drug, and so far, she feels pretty good.

The hospital tested her CA 125 level; this is a marker for ovarian cancer. Her level was sky high before her operation, then came down quite a bit, but still very high. They wait until after the first month's infusions to check it. If the level has dropped, it means the chemo drugs are working; if not, they may not be working, and they may have to switch to different drugs. Her number came down a lot, which probably means these chemo drugs are working. It's still higher than normal, but we were very relieved that it went down quite a lot.

Karen's hair started falling out a few weeks ago, but before it all fell out, she had it cut off and made into a "hair halo," which is her hair, attached to an elastic band. It's easy to put on, and lighter than a wig (which she also has). Unlike a wig, though, there's no hair on top, so you wear a hat, and so we took pictures of her modeling her two hats for this post.

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