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Karen Cole

Karen is undergoing treatment for ovarian cancer.

Latest journal entry

Into the home stretch

Karen had the first infusion of the last cycle today, so only two more infusions to go. That means she'll be done with chemo two weeks from today, unless one or both of the remaining treatments gets delayed because her white blood cell count (or some other measurement) drops below the threshold for treatment. That's happened twice already, so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

She's had a full two weeks off since the last treatment, and she's felt pretty good the past week. She's rebounded pretty well during each of her weeks off, so I'm hopeful that her energy level will rebound quickly and steadily after chemo.

After chemo, they'll measure her blood marker level every three months to watch for a recurrence. The oncologist today said that the fact that her blood marker level was very high when she was initially diagnosed is good, because it probably means that if the cancer does recur, the blood marker level will spike upward, and they'll detect that. Some patients with even widespread cancer of this type don't have an elevated blood marker level, which makes it harder to detect a recurrence early.

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