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Posted 2018-11-02T21:57:56Z

Near finished with surgury 4:57 CST

Kari had an awesome set of bloodwork before she went in. Hemoglobin, white blood cell count, liver enzymes, all things that have shown up as issues during chemo at MUSC, were back to normal and perfectly in line. This improvement is from her not having treatment for the last 4 weeks.[...]

Posted 2018-11-02T14:49:58Z

Surgry Today

HI everyone! A quick update – I am going in for my HIPEC/Shake N Bake surgery at MD Anderson today. Check-in time is at 11:30AM CST and the whole thing should take 3-4 hours. Adrian will be posting the post-surgery update here. They anticipate I'll be in the hospital for 2-3 days. Thoughts, prayers, and positive vibes welcome![...]

Posted 2018-10-10T16:07:00Z

Surgery - But Vacation First

Hello friends and family! It has been a long time since my last post but, thankfully, there hasn’t been a lot of action on the cancer-front. Since my last post, I have wrapped up my the 8th and final chemo treatment needed before heading to MD Anderson and am holding onto every last follicle of hair I can. I’m thin up top, but the doc says he thinks I may have plateaued in my hair loss...time will tell.[...]

Posted 2018-08-23T13:00:31Z

Treatment #5

So good news! Treatment #5 is underway. My liver enzymes were still high this week but lower than last week so we were able to proceed. Feeling pretty good so far - keeping my meds, water, and food intake in check![...]

Posted 2018-08-16T21:16:00Z

Quick Update

Yesterday's treatment (#5) was postponed until next week because I have elevated liver enzymes. They sent me for a CT scan to make sure everything looked ok with my liver and, thankfully, I'm in the clear...just need to get my enzymes in order for next week!  This will push my surgery at MD Anderson back a bit. No official date yet. More news later. [...]

Posted 2018-08-06T23:58:22Z

Treatments 3 & 4, Wigs and Such

As of this past Friday, I am half-way through Chemo treatments here in Charleston! WOOOT!

Since I wrote last, treatment #3 was postponed due to low blood counts. Fortunately, they were high enough the following week so I was able to receive #3 on 7/18.  My doctor said that blood counts don’t typically dip so low during the early treatments so my dosage was lowered a bit and I was able to receive treatment #4 this past week without delay.[...]

Posted 2018-06-23T23:15:53Z

News from MD Anderson

Good news from Texas - I've qualified for the trial study (WOOT!), got to do a little sightseeing, and spent some quality time with family.

I was really impressed with MD Anderson as a whole; the organization as well as the providers. In addition to the doctor running the study (brilliant!) , I was able to meet with the Nurse Practitioner (amazing!) and a Nutritionist. I have to admit that I think the nutritionist was one of my favorite parts - they were able to give me some recipes and some overall guidance for eating that I hadn't received thus far. [...]

Posted 2018-06-14T01:02:00Z

Day-1 of Chemo

Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina, Jonathan Lucas Street, Charleston, SC, USA

Click here for driving directions.

Day one of chemo done! After a few hiccups this morning, I received 4 hours of chemotherapy and, at the end of the day, they attached me to a portable device that will administer small doses of chemo over the next two days. They also offered up a sweet fanny pack for carrying around the device but I opted for the handsome canvas shoulder bag. Pictures to come...maaaaybe.[...]

Posted 2018-06-13T02:46:00Z

Adios, CaringBridge - Hello, PostHope

Hello friends and family! Sorry for the site change but we felt that the way the Caringbridge site presented the tribute was misleading as it appeared that the contributions were going toward my treatment. I apologize to those of you who attempted to donate funds through CaringBridge; GoFundMe is the only site I have setup at this time:[...]