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Posted 2018-08-23T13:00:31Z

Treatment #5

So good news! Treatment #5 is underway. My liver enzymes were still high this week but lower than last week so we were able to proceed. Feeling pretty good so far - keeping my meds, water, and food intake in check![...]

Posted 2018-08-16T21:16:00Z

Quick Update

Yesterday's treatment (#5) was postponed until next week because I have elevated liver enzymes. They sent me for a CT scan to make sure everything looked ok with my liver and, thankfully, I'm in the clear...just need to get my enzymes in order for next week!  This will push my surgery at MD Anderson back a bit. No official date yet. More news later. [...]

Posted 2018-08-06T23:58:22Z

Treatments 3 & 4, Wigs and Such

As of this past Friday, I am half-way through Chemo treatments here in Charleston! WOOOT!

Since I wrote last, treatment #3 was postponed due to low blood counts. Fortunately, they were high enough the following week so I was able to receive #3 on 7/18.  My doctor said that blood counts don’t typically dip so low during the early treatments so my dosage was lowered a bit and I was able to receive treatment #4 this past week without delay.[...]