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Marlene Rockwell Marlene Rockwell

Kari, Continued prayers in your journey to a full recovery. You are truly remarkable. Lots of love from our entire family. So glad your dad forwarded the site. You will definitely win the battle!! God's Blessings, Marlene

Ron Brown Ron Brown

Keep it up, sister!! Makes my day to read about your progress, Kari!

Donna J Parrish Donna J Parrish

Kari, it’s so good to get this great update from you! I know it’s been a long and hard struggle, but you have shown all of us your strength, courage, and that you don’t give up or give in to the blows that life sometimes sends our way. You, Adrian, and Bouden are in my prayers every day. Love you! ❤️❤️❤️

Heather Francisco Heather Francisco

Love you so much Kari! Thanks for the update. I can't even imagine all that you are going through and admire your strength and of course your humor. Big hugs!

Suzannah Green Suzannah Green

This is such great news Kari!! You have been in my prayers and thoughts - as have A and Bouden. I hope you continue to gain strength and heal - and that you all have the best Christmas together!! Cheers to you xo

janae sholtz janae sholtz

You are doing great! So proud of your strength. We are, as always, in your corner.

Heather Francisco Heather Francisco

Thinking about you and sending positive vibes your way. Keep on, keeping on, on the road to recovery. Lots of love from my family to yours, Heather

Wendy Normandt Wendy Normandt

Thinking about you and yours. Wanted you to know. God bless.

Michelle Clifton Michelle Clifton

Sorry, the pic was too big for the post window. : )

Michelle Clifton Michelle Clifton

You are too strong and solid to be blown away. In fact, wind is created by motion. And if I have ever seen a force to be dealt with, determination and perseverance, that's you. You are the motion creating the wind. Watch out cancer!! The Kari Tornado is on the move!

Bonita Davies Bonita Davies

Looking out my kitchen window the other day and noticed you bouncing with B on the trampoline. Made my heart soar!!! Wishes that you will have many more days like these- feeling great and beating this. ❤️

Jeanie Lanneau Jeanie Lanneau

Lots of prayers from Natchez, Ms.!
Jeanie Lanneau

Cindy Schick Cindy Schick

you and the boys are constantly in our thoughts and prayers, we love you and miss you! I love the pictures and I'm proud to have seen most of your wigs in person :). hugs and kisses, Cindy

Becky Kyzer Becky Kyzer

Love you and your sense of humor!! Rock that wig!! I say you change it up to to keep people guessing! LOL

Dwight Drinkard Dwight Drinkard

Hey gal ! Rebecca Nassif has brought me up-to-date on you. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and that I'll be following your progress toward cancer-free status. You are one tough lady, so I'm going to be totally optimistic.

Dwight Drinkard