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Posted 2017-05-13T22:18:34Z

"Wigged" Out By All This Chemo

The chemo is starting to kick in! After Katie's last round of chemo a few weeks ago her hair started falling out and true to her style and spirit she went ahead and took out the clippers and just shaved it - no one wants to watch as their hair falls out and she was not about to have that. It comes as no surprise that she looks awesome with a shaved head - it suits her and she had always wanted to shave her head so we will take the positives where we find them through this journey!

So now she gets pull off all kinds of different styles depending on how she feels - she can wear cute scarves, be bald and bold, or wear the most awesome wig ever thanks to Jamie, Russell (who both flew all the way our from Ca.) and Daniel, who all pitched in to get her a real wig not the cheap kind insurance partially pays for ha - shes so blessed to have such sweet friends that love her to pieces!

Her co-workers put together a sweet chemo kit for her before chemo #2 and she loved that, they have been showing their support in so many ways and it has really helped her keep her spirits up at work so thank you to all her work friends for pulling together to show her love and support.

Bradley came out for Easter and we all met in Waco, that was fun and then I got to go and spend a few days with her after chemo #2. 

As far as side effects they are getting stronger each round. This last time she was a bit more sick to her stomach and tired much more than after the first round. She is scheduled for her 3rd round of chemo next Tuesday the 16th and we hear it may be a rough one so fingers crossed all goes well.

Thank you all for your continued love and support.


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