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Posted 2015-08-14T23:03:33Z

Tuesday, August 11th Update

Today was the day the new grandma was going to meet her grandson! The day she has been waiting for and fighting for is finally here.

My mom spent the morning sleeping and resting from her big move the day before.  Me, Beau and Aaron arrived around 1pm (people weren't kidding when they told me it takes forever to get out of the door with a newborn!).  My dad woke her up as we entered her room.  I brought Beau over to her bed and she instantly lit up, she finally got to meet her grandson!  She held him in her arms, she talked to him, she told him she loved him, she played with him, she loved him.  All throughout her journey she has always said, "I need to see my grand baby."  She fought and fought and it was such a powerful moment watching her as a grandma.  She already had a nickname for him, her "Gran Beau Beau."[...]

Posted 2015-08-12T19:07:19Z

Thursday August 6th

My mom had a pretty good day today.  She was awake during the day for about 45 minutes at a time and then we would leave and let her rest and nap.  She had some visitors which she loved spending time with even if it was just for a short while.  I know she has loved spending time with her brother Gary and brother Kris.  [...]

Posted 2015-08-07T03:52:00Z

Monday, August 3rd Update

On May 28th my mom was admitted to the hospital for difficulty breathing and hasn’t been home since.  It has been a long ten weeks.  Initially we thought she had an infection in her lungs and started treatment for an infection but it didn't get better.  We thought maybe pneumonia but after treatment her lungs weren't getting better.  We thought maybe her lungs were inflamed but they didn't get better.  She spent the first 4 weeks in the intensive care unit (ICU) and then eventually she was stable enough to move her to the 5th floor tower which is specifically for lung and heart patients.  [...]

Posted 2015-08-06T20:41:00Z

Some acknowledgements <3

My mom wanted to make sure I thank some very important people who have cheered her on throughout her journey.  

Which brings me to my dad. Every chance my mom gets, she tells everyone what a wonderful husband and caretaker she has had. Every day I would see her she would make sure to tell me how wonderful my dad is to her. When I was not able to be there he kept me updated multiple times a day, he would call me on speakerphone so I could hear the updates from the doctors first hand. He has taken care of her with so much patience, unconditional love and delicacy. There is nothing more comforting than seeing your mom be so loved and cared for through such a difficult situation these last 7 months. After 30+ years of marriage he stands by his vows of “in sickness and in health.”[...]

Posted 2015-08-06T20:11:35Z

Kay's journey from the beginning

As many of you know my mom was put on the lung transplant list about 2 years ago. On January 20th of 2015 our prayers were answered and she received a phone call that they had a pair of lungs for her. God bless the family who lost their loved one so my mom could receive her new lungs. We are eternally grateful to her donor and the last 7+ months we have been able to spend with my mom because of the donor.[...]