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Paloma Valverde Paloma Valverde

Dear Kay and family,
I want to apologize because I wrote my post just after and only reading "Kay's journey from the begining". Now after reading every post I realize what the situation is.
I'm so sorry because of the last news but I still keep saying go, go go.

Paloma Valverde Paloma Valverde

Congratulations abuelita Kay. This is your Spanish ladrona. Beau is so cute... Sorry I didn't know about your journey, my fault. But I am pretty sure you'll over come. Go Kay, go. Baby is the greatest reason for fighting. From now on I'll read your journal to follow how you get better and better. Kisses and hugs from the Ramos family. Go,go,go

Suzanne Marshall Suzanne Marshall

Hi Kay, Congratulations on being a proud Grandma! What a beautiful grandson you have! I have so enjoyed our friendship over the years and hearing about Stephanie as she grew up. She is such a beautiful young woman. What a wonderful mother she will be, like you! I know she learned great parenting skills as you always gave me such great advice through the years with all my questions on raising children! We have so enjoyed our times working together. You are always great laughs and so much fun to be around. Keep up your wonderful attitude Kay! You always encouraged everyone, are a pillar of strength and a wonderful example! You are in my thoughts and prayers!

All my love,
Suzanne Marshall and Family

Tara Helton Tara Helton

Lots and lots of prayers for one of the best ladies I've ever met. You're a fighter and that little Beau is bound to keep you strong!

Jacque Thomas Jacque Thomas

Dear Kay,

I'll begin by saying how much I love and cherish you.

The friendship you and my mom share is truly a special one. I have witnessed many times over the years the two of you having so much fun and laughing all the time when you're together. On occasion mom would come back from a golf trip, her as the co-pilot, getting the scoop on all the golf game antics, and there were many and laughing out loud! Thank you for the opportunity to share in the laughter and the fun along side you both. With a grateful heart, I am blessed and honored to be a part of such a wonderful friendship.

May god bless you and keep you near.

Love ya, xoxo

Amelia Frazier Amelia Frazier

Dear Kay,
My words can not express to you how much love and joy you bring to my life and Jacque's. I recall on many occasions how much happiness you brought to me without even trying. On our recent trip to Nashville for example, the Jack's and I were on the road admiring all the fancy R.V.'s and I remembered on one of our trips to Green Lake you poetically referred to those as "Toilets", well, Jacks and I instantly busted out laughing! Never was there more poetic words ever spoken. I think that deserves an Amen and hallelujah! You never cease to amaze us sweetheart.

We are so very blessed to have you in our lives and be honored to call you friend. My God bless you and keep you close.

Love ya,
Amy and Jacque

Terry Fedirka Terry Fedirka

To the Walz Family
I was so touched by the journals on this website and have to say what an incredible family you have. You have shown us all grace under pressure, strength in difficult circumstances, amazing courage, making family a priority and unconditional love. You are the best example of how we all should live and take care of each other.
I will be storming Heaven with prayers for all of you, Kay, Bob, Stef, Aaron, & Baby Sparks. May you all find peace, strength, and comfort today and in days to come. God bless you all. It is a privilege to be your friend.
Terry & Paul

Deirdre O'Malley Deirdre O'Malley

Hi Kay,
Sending you the fragrance of the beautiful plumeria, the coolness of the blue, blue Pacific and the comfort of the island breezes and swaying palms from my perch here in Kauai where I am helping my sister Nancy recover from her knee replacement surgery. I remember your telling me of your exciting world travels and Steff tells us that soon you will be going on another journey, a REALLY important one, to join Steff, Bob, and Aaron in Peoria to welcome your baby grandchild into the world. So Wonderful!
I am sorry to hear that you are not well and Ask God to bless you, bless you , bless you and hope that baby Sparks will bring a new spark into your life. Loved seeing you on camera at the baby shower--next best thing to having you there with us but then you're always here with us in our hearts.
Love ya, Deirdre